Your Body and it's Emotions

What is your body telling you? If you change your emotions you can change everything.

Our body is our emotional guidance system – we must learn to listen to it and understand it.

The human energy body transmits information about its condition through bodily sensations that have no physical origins – Emotions and Feelings.

Emotions and feelings are created through watching and listening to our life experiences. When something occurs in our life that shocks us it enters our body through one of the five senses and becomes an agitation.  Through the senses it makes it’s mark on our history and solidifies into a meaning – a meaning that becomes a sensation. If this sensation is without an immediate satisfying solution and the emotion does not get discharged, this perceived sensation becomes a felt sense.  A felt sense affecting whatever part of the body it was sensed through.

The body’s sensations correspond directly to the places in the energy body where these energy movements take place.  All human emotions are information about the movement of the energy in the energy body.

So you see, an event becomes a sense then a sensation.  It enters through the senses and then tries to leave.  When it cannot leave through the spoken word it moves into the unconscious, into the biology, mind, body and energy field.

Overtime this can result in our emotions exploding or imploding.  This in turn will fuel our thoughts and potentially act out inappropriate behaviour resulting further down the line in di-ease of the body and mind.

Therefore human emotions are the direct cause of thoughts and behaviour in human beings.

So if you learn to change the emotions your change everything and yourself.

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Love and blessings,

Susan xx

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The body and emotions

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  1. Very good article to help me reset my find and listen to my emotions. As a very spiritual person, and artist, remembering how emotions can fuel your thoughts is a very big deal to me. Thanks.

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