Introduction To a Soul Plan Reading

I am inviting you to Join me for an introduction to a Soul Plan Reading our which will take place on the 19th February at 10am

Your Soul Plan Reading is derived from the Sound Vibration of your original name.

Hidden within your birth name is your life’s blueprint – the journey intended for your soul to take. Before we are born onto this Earth, we each come to an agreement with our souls. Your soul and your spiritual helpers decided the destiny and goals you were to strive towards in this lifetime. By receiving a soul plan reading, you will benefit from a healing and clearing of many self-redundant blockages

Do you feel you have lost direction in life?

Do you have a sense that there is something more for you in this lifetime?

Do you question your life’s purpose?

Come join me on this introduction to A Soul Plan reading workshop, let me share with you. 

An explanation of your soul’s goals both worldly and spiritually

An understanding of the experiences your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime

An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing

An explanation of the talents and characteristics latent or manifested within you

And the benefits of receiving a Soul Plan Reading:

A clearer sense of your life’s purpose

An understanding of your life to date and why you have had the experiences you’ve had

Personal growth

Clarity about life, your role in it, and the best way forward

Access to yourself on a deeper level – a soul level

Growth and healing

Clarity about life and your role in it

Healing and clearing of old unwanted patterns

An activation of your own unique abilities and potential

 How to gain peace of mind by changing your unknown future to a known destiny.

 Join me in and learn more.

 The sessions will take place on Zoom, please ensure that you download this onto your phone, tablet or PC in advance, do not worry this is completely free and super easy to do

Your investment id £25.00 follow the payment link here to make your payment and confirm your place.

Zoom id information will be forwarded on confirmation of booking and payment.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact me on Tel: 07815 783 250 or Email:

Love and Blessings

Susan x

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