To Minding The SouL

Something deep inside you has brought you here. Something driving your choices. Emotional pain from grief, fear, anxiety, guilt, rejection, anger, or low self-esteem. But something else too. You’ll have your own way to describe it: intuition, your soul, your subconscious – even the universe or divine intervention. I call it “the feeling body” – and it’s how I can help you connect to what your inner voice and body is trying to tell you. Together, we’ll establish why you are here, what you truly need, and how to get resolution.

The good news is, this is where you’re meant to be. You’ve been guided here by a willingness or a need to take care of your mental, spiritual, and personal wellbeing. You’ve come this far, but now, it’s time for me to take the next steps with you. Through openness or a curiosity into alternative therapy, your subconscious has brought you here. It’s no accident. I want to thank you for your bravery. The adventure is about to begin, and I’m so excited that you might choose me to be part of your journey.

Meet Susan

I am an experienced and successful holistic intuitive practitioner and mentor, healing souls through the feeling body.

I practice an extensive repertoire of therapeutic processes including mindfulness meditation, EFT and matrix, soul plan readings, and hypnotherapy. As a holistic intuitive practitioner, I offer professional and confidential therapy for a range of issues, including anxiety and procrastination, emotional damage and trauma, unresolved rage and resentment, low self-confidence or body image, self-limiting talk, resentment, and abandonment. There are many more ways your emotional needs may manifest – and many ways that I can help.

I consider helping others to be my true calling. Although I came to this realisation later in life, the journey I took to become the person I am today is how I now help others along their own paths. I now realise my journey actually started a long time ago at a much younger age, and that my life journey offered enrichment and teachings I did not value until today.

I want to impart the gifts and insights, that in my opinion, alternative therapy can release and help you on your way to better emotion, psychical, spiritual health and wellbeing. This in turn will enable you to become empowered, standing in your own light, making better choices, and living a happier, healthier life.

If you’d like to know more, contact me at susan@mindingthesoul.co.uk or call 07815783250