The Soul Plan Series: #7 Integration

Today’s deeper look into Soul Plan reading concerns integration and the ending of duality. Duality divides our minds and our lives.  It’s impossible to go forward when you are moving in different directions.  Whether you are in two minds with something or trying to live two lives neither can progress while half your resources go each way.
It is only when you recognise your duality and integrate your being in one direction that you can live your life to the full and achieve dreams, goals and your Soul’s purpose.  When you have unified yourself into a person with one whole life rather than two half lives you are able to reach out to love.  This wholeness let’s your combined magnetism lead you to the places, people and events that will shape your life.
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Soul Plan, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Susan Cox, Integration
The Soul Plan Series: #7 Integration

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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