Soul Plan Series: #22 Completion and Accomplishment

We are here at the last day of the Soul  Plan series.  It has been enjoyable and insightful  to look across the various elements of the Soul Plan, looking at what they mean and have to teach us.  Fittingly today’s symbol is Completion and Accomplishment.  There are things many of us seek to complete and enjoy from the smallest task to the biggest dream.
Once something has been completed or accomplished we often feel satisfaction.  An important part of reaching this however is versatility and openness.  The ability to adapt as situations change whilst staying true to your vision is important.  Equally it can be easy to get tunnel vision in the pursuit of your desire, an openness to at least considering new ideas is a valuable skill.
If this features in your Soul Plan as a strength you will be good at this and successful in completing what you set your mind to.  If it is a challenge however you may be stuck in your ways or find completion difficult.  If you feel this topic has a special relevance to you and you’d like to find out more click here.  I will also be launching a competition tomorrow with the prize of a free Soul Plan Lite reading.

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Soul Plan Series: #22 Completion and Accomplishment

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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