The Soul Plan Series: #9 Peace Making, Power and Protection

Peace making, power and protection. These are three attributes that work with each other and allow people that have this symbol in their Soul Plan to create atmospheres of stability and reassurance.  This is the optimum atmosphere to develop in.  When these three elements combine in our lives we have the platform to go out and achieve what we wish with our lives, with a sense of balance at all times.
When one of these is missing and the sense of balance is lost our choices and decisions can become damaging to ourselves or the people around us.  If this is a challenge in your Soul Plan you may need to discover this balance by looking for what empowers you, protects and gives the ability to judge the response to a situation.  If this is a strength you are in an ideal position to deal with the challenges life might present.
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The Soul Plan Series: #9 Peace Making, Power and Proctection

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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