The Soul Plan Series: #15 Soul Inspiration and Equanimity

The fifteenth symbol of the Soul Plan is Soul Inspiration and Equanimity.  People who have this is their Soul Plan chart will find spiritual inspiration, the spiritual journey and a centered approach a much bigger factor in the way they live their life than most.
If it appears as a challenge then the acquisition of a calmer, more even and centered approach might be a crucial tool you need to master in order to go on and achieve your soul destiny.  If it is a talent you possess however you are likely to find a centered approach easy and have an interest in developing your own spiritual journey.  Your own centered state might also help those around you to feel calmer.
Whether a strength or a talent, if the symbol for Soul Inspiration and Equanimity appears in your Soul Plan it is an essential part of achieving your own Soul destiny.  To find out more about if this appears in your Soul Plan and what it could mean click here.

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The Soul Plan Series: #15 Soul Inspiration and Equanimity

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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