The Mindfulness Challenge Day 5 – Mindful Walking

This is the final part of the Mindfulness Challenge.  I hope over the course of the week you’ve enjoyed Mindfulness and living Mindfully.  I also hope the space, peace and awareness it has given you as benefited you in all areas of your life.  This challenge has looked at five areas but Mindfulness can be applied to all areas of your life.
Mindful walking is a great way to explore yourself and the world around you.  It allows you to step back from your thoughts or emotions and not only take a break from the day but to step out of the situation entirely.
To walk Mindfully start by taking a deep breath, clear tour mind and then begin to walk slowly.  Look towards the ground as you feel every step in your legs and the sensations experienced by your whole body.  Do this practice for a minimum of two minutes but continue it for as long as you’d like.
Find out more about Mindfulness here.

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Mindful Walking

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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