Feelings Buried Alive NEVER Die

Joy, peace, love and happiness are available to us all and are our true gifts.
In today’s world however its seems that people from all walks of life face incredible challenges and pain. As a consequence they are constantly searching for relief or knowledge to assist them in how they deal with and move through these challenges and pain.
I remember having challenges in my life, and looking for and embracing various tools and techniques to assist me on my journey. The difference now is that I work on myself all the time and never allow feelings, emotions, hurts, pain to get buried alive.
I realised that in order to begin my own healing process I had to take ownership for my thoughts beliefs and feelings.  To become aware of them.  To accept them.  To be non-judgmental.  To learn to love myself.  To feel and release the pain. When I did this true peace, joy, love, contentment and serenity were mine; an internal bliss and understanding that is not possible to put into words.
You too can experience this.  When you do you won’t need anyone to tell you, you’ll just know.
Do you feel like this?

  • Frustrationed
  • Emotionally up and down
  • Prone to outbursts
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of isolation

Do you find?

  • Simple tasks getting harder
  • Yourself living on auto pilot
  • That you are sleeplessness, stressed or anxious

I suggest that you may be suffering from unresolved negative feelings you thought you had taken care of, feelings you thought were dead and gone. What you may not realise is that when negative feelings  are not resolved as they occur they stay very much alive in your physical energy field in your body and these feelings affect each day of your life until they are.
So you see, unresolved negative feeling buried alive never die and are constantly affecting you. At some point these feelings that have been buried alive will have to manifest themselves . They will simmer away and will trigger at times when we least expect it and will manifest as dis-ease of the body and mind.
I know what this feels like to experience and I know the feeling of freedom you have once you have dealt with these feelings properly.  If you think you may also be going through this I would like to help you find this freedom to.  Contact me and or look at some of the techniques I have for working through these feelings.
Love and blessings,

Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent

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