EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Well Hello Beautiful People,
What a wonderful week I had last week. I was invited to offer three talks at the Mind Body and Soul Spa Fitness Breaks in Basingstoke. WOW. My talks were on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Your Healing Energy and Mindfulness Meditation and they were packed and went down very very well. So many people very enriched in many ways, it was lovely to point so many in a positive way.
To follow that I facilitated my EFT Level 1 & 2 and now we have 6 new practitioners, wonderful, such lovely souls. Please welcome them.
EFT Level 2 20150301_174453
What’s next ? This Friday I have been invited to deliver a stress reduction short workshops to 6th form students in Tonbridge, I am so looking forward to that, more wonderful souls awakening.
I trust life is good with you.
Love and Blessings Susan xxx

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