The Soul Plan Series: #4 Fertility and Abundance

Fertility and abundance play a part in our lives at all levels.  On a direct level they dictate reproduction and the amount of food, possessions or money you have.  On many other levels however these attributes play an important part in the way we live interact with life.
Fertility can cover a wealth of areas from being receptive to ideas or new relationships.  Abundance can happen in any area; an abundance of friends, of spirit, of talent or ambition.  On any level fertility and abundance shape life with their presence or their absence.  Do you feel that these are a talent or calling of yours or are these areas you feel you need to work on.  Find out what a Soul Plan can tell you here.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Fertility, Abundance, #4
#4 Fertility and Abundance

Love and blessings,
Susan x

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