The Soul Plan Series Comp. Winner!

The Soul Plan series has been a highly enjoyable experience.  Going through the symbols of the Soul Plan has only proven how much there is to our existence.  A symbol might have increased relevance to you by appearing in your Soul Plan as a challenge, a talent or a goal or not all.  Regardless all traits will have some level of relevance on your life.
Our Soul Plans are able to highlight the things which have a particular sway on us.  Our challenges and our talents are within as things to work through or strengths to go forward with.  Both have a crucial role in achieving our goals and then our Soul Destiny.
To celebrate the ending of the Soul Plan series I launched a competition on my Facebook page.  The competition was to like and share the image below.  I am happy to announce the winner was Sean Collins!!  Well done, you have won a free Soul Plan Lite Reading!  Thank you to everyone that entered, and to everyone that has read my previous posts in the Soul Plan series!
If you are curious find out more about Soul Plan reading here.

Minding the Soul, Soul Plan, Rochester, Kent, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent, Susan Cox, Medway
Minding the Soul: Soul Plan Reading

Love and blessings,
Susan xx

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