The Soul Plan Series: #20 Movement, Flow and Seeking

We all have goals.  We all have things which we desire and seek.  Often our happiness is rooted in these: achieving our goal or finding what it is we seek that makes us happy.  The reverse is equally true.  Whether what we seek is a new situation, an object or maybe even our Soul destiny when we actively seek it we can find ourselves enjoying a sense of focus and flow.  Entering this state helps us not only achieve our goal but also find a sense of peace, freedom and discipline.  Time often goes faster when we are enjoying a state of flow and focusing our attention on just one thing, not unlike Mindfulness.
Barriers within ourselves can prevent us from following our hearts or seeking our goals and cause unhappiness.  If the symbol for movement, flow and seeking appears as a challenge in your Soul Plan it means there is an obstacle in your life between you and your dreams, and ultimately your soul destiny.  If this is a strength you will likely be very good at knowing what you want, achieving it and entering states of flow.
If you are curious, find out more here about Soul Plan reading.  Friday’s post will contain details of a prize that can be won!

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The Soul Plan Series: #2 Movement, Flow and Seeking

Love and blessings,
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