The Soul Plan Series #10 Potential Manifestation

Potential exists in all things; be it the potential energy of an object or the potential you have to achieve your goals and desires.  The potential for something however means nothing with out the manifestation of it.  Whether it comes from within us or from an external source when we manifest out potential there is no limit to what we can achieve other than the limit we put on ourselves.
Potential can exist within us on multiple levels.  On a physical level the potential we harbour can assist and serve others.  The gifts we’ve been given can make a real difference to the world and people around us.  On a spiritual level the potential we hold when manifested can bring a new world of awareness and perception to our lives.  It can show us a happier and more purposeful life.  Our potential can also let us channel.  Depending on the gifts that live inside us waiting to come to the surface this can take many forms; from the channeling of words and ideas through to the channeling of messages and spirits.
Whatever our manifested potential may be it is essential in our lives; the enjoyment we can find in them and the completion of our destinies.   Part of your Soul destiny might be to help others achieve their own potential but the manifestation of your potential may also be a challenge you have to over come.
If you would like to know more about your Soul Plan click here.  Thank you to all those that came to my event on Saturday (11/05/13), it was a great day filled with new friendships and shared knowledge.

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The Soul Plan Series #10 Potential Manifestation

Love and blessings,
Susan x

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