New Mindfulness Meditation Course Coming Soon

Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice.  Today Mindfulness Meditation holds as much relevance as it did at it’s inception.  In today’s world Mindfulness Meditation is powerful and life enhancing way to increase awareness, enjoyment, boast concentration,  reduce stress and depression, and deal with work related anxiety to name but a few things.
On a physical level Mindfulness Meditation has also been proven to improve the immune system and reduce blood pressure in studies such as this one.  I will be starting an eight week Mindfulness Meditation course, running from Saturday the 25th May.  This would be run from Rochester, Kent.
Within the 8 week course I will provide a framework which allows the life-changing benefits of meditation to be assimilated and practiced in a way that can lead to lasting well-being, enhanced health and expanded consciousness.  Mindfulness Meditation is practiced by people with different faiths or no faith at all.
If this interests you please contact me at
Find out more about Mindfulness Meditation here.
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Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent, Mindfulness, Meditation

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