Acceptance – Our Internal Spirit Level To Build From

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”
― Rumi

Acceptance is the act of taking an idea or reality on board fully and wholly.  Sometimes this can mean dropping the resistance and barriers we have built against it.  Acceptance is the tool we all possess which enables us to look at our selves and the world and to interpret it as it really is.

This is important because if you can’t see or accept the true reality of a situation how can you ever change it?  So, we can see acceptance as the great leveler – our own internal spirit level.  Once we accept something we have a starting point.  All you need is a starting point; from here you build and grow.  This growth can if we choose to develop and direct it take us to all our goals, empowering us through clarity of vision.

Acceptance, Power of Acceptance, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox
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Acceptance has further applications in our lives however.  Not only does it gives us that starting point, eyes wide open, but it also lets us diffuse the things within us that can hold us back from many things in our lives.  Through the denial of events or emotions we enter into a battle with ourselves.  Like all wars this can drain us and limit the amount of energy and space we have for growing and enjoying life.  Every time we deny something we know to be true, even at some deep level, we feed it.  The more we feed it the bigger these self made monsters become the more we must deny them.

It’s a viscous circle.  Acceptance though robs these monsters of their power and removes duality from our existence, we cannot truly live in a state of duality.  Once we accept events or emotions for what they are we can begin to grow and develop and simply enjoy life.  Sometimes it’s not easy though.  It does take an amount of bravery and determination to overcome the fears attached to our denials.

Once you’ve done it though you will feel like you’ve been let out of jail.  We can apply acceptance to all of our lives whether it’s accepting the power over our own lives and changing what we don’t like or accepting the reality of a problem, emotion or event.

Empower yourself!

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Acceptance, Power of Acceptance, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox
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